On October 29, 2019, Mr. You Xihuo, chairman of Beijing Agrichina Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd. and his delegation visited the Institute of veterinary medicine of Mongolia.They had in-depth exchanges with BYAMBAA(vice president of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences)and Professor Badgar BATTSETSEG. The two parties introduced the situation of hydatidosis in their respective countries and the achievements in the prevention and control of hydatidosis.They agreed to jointly establish the joint Mongolian Chinese Research Center for zoonoses and sign a joint construction agreement.

In the next ten years, the two parties will carry out cooperative research and exchange on epidemiology investigation, prevention and control technology, personnel exchange and training of hydatidosis and other zoonotic parasitic diseases. Taking advantage of their respective advantages and characteristics, the two parties jointly carried out pilot tests to establish a suitable model for the prevention and control of hydatidosis in Mongolia. In order to prevent and control the economic and social losses caused by zoonoses.

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