Broad spectrum long-acting activity stable

Less irritating, widely distributed, easy to absorb



It is used to treat infectivity diseases caused by sensitive gram-positive bacteria and negative bacteria, rickettsia and mycoplasma.such as eperythrozoonosis、swine enzootic pneumonia、infectious pleural pneumonia.


For the treatment of sensitive Gram-positive and negative bacteria, rickettsia, mycoplasma and other infectious diseases, such as porcine erythroblastosis, gastroenteritis, atrophic rhinitis, infectious pleuropneumonia, streptococcosis, Pasteurellosis, bacterial enteritis (such as piglet yellow and white diarrhea, piglet paratyphoid, yak bacterial diarrhea) and maternal postpartum syndrome.


The usage is injected the product with 0.05-0.1ml per 1kg body weight just once. Severe symptoms need repeated with the same dose at 48h intervals.


Intramuscular injection. In one dose, inject 0.05-0.1 ml of this product per 1 kg of body weight. Generally, only one injection is required for one course of treatment, and the severe cases are repeated once every 48 hours at the same dose.


Specifications: 20%

Package: 50ml/bottle

Storage:Keep away from direct sunlight and sealed in a cool dry place.


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