Trade Name: Allica

Generic name:Avermectin tablets
Characters/Description:This product is almost white tablets.
Composition: avermectin

Pharmacological Action:

Pharmacodynamics: It is a kind of Antibiotic broad-spectrum anthelmintic,It is widely used to against nematodes in vivo and arthropods on body surface.

Pharmacokinetics: The pharmacokinetics of avermectinis significantly different from animal species, dosage forms and routes of administration.After administration, the drug can be distributed to most tissues,and avermectin has the highest concentration in the liver and adipose tissue, then metabolized in the liver, and finally discharged from the feces.

Indication: It is a kind of antibiotics, and effectively for nematodes,arthropodsand mites. It is Mainly used for the treatment of nematode disease, mite disease in livestock and poultry.

Application and dosage: Oral: 0.3 mg per 1 kg body weight for sheep and pigs.(that is per 33 kg body weight taking 2 tablets)


  1. Twenty-four hours after administration, the death onchocerciasis caused an allergic reaction, and edema and itching were common near the belly midline. Edema usually subsides within 7-10 days and itching relieves within 3 weeks.
  2. For treatment Hypodermosis, larvae, whichparasitic in key parts is killing,may causing serious adverse reactions.Such as, in the spinal canal, can cause paralysis and staggering, in the esophagus, will lead to salivation and flatulence.It is can be avoided if you immediately treat after the season of the Hypodermaor after the migration of the larvae
  3. When the drug is used to kill microfilaria, the dog may have a shock-like reaction that may be related to the death of microfilaria.
  4. Poultry may dead, lethargy or loss of appetite.

Withdrawal period:Sheep, 35 days; pigs, 28 days;can not be used for lactation period.

Specifications:5 mg. Each tablet contains 5 mg Avermectin.

Storage:Keep away from sunlight, and sealed in cool and dry place.

Expire date:2 years.

Production certificate:(2016)Veterinary drug production certificate No.01001

Certificate No.: (2016) Certificate for Animal Drugs No:01001

Approval Number: 010012601

Approval Number: Veterinary Medicine Word 010012601

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