Generic NamePraziquantel Chewable Tablets

Trade Name:Ipuric


Description: Grey to grey brown flavor tablets.

Pharmacological Action:

This is a kind of anthelmintic, it has an broad spectrum action anti-tapeworm effect. It also has good activity for adults and larvaeIn the low concentrations in vitro, it can damage the tapeworm’s sucker and inprove its peristalsis, while in the high concentrations in vitro, it can accelerate the contractions of tapeworm strobila (irreversible contraction in very high concentrations). Besides, praziquantel can make special parts of the tapeworm capsular producing focal vacuoles and then come to pyrolysis. As for schistosomiasis and trematodes, praziquantel may let the calcium ions calcium ions into the parasites and kill them directly, and then become focal vacuoles and be devoured.

After taken orally, it can quickly and almost completely absorbed, but it has an clear first pass effect. Praziquantel can reach all parts of the body.This is good for kill all the larvaes. (such as in muscle, brain, internal organs and abdominal cavity). After entering the body the praziquantel will be quickly metabolized by the liver as inactive monohydroxylated or polyhydroxylated metabolites, which are mainly excreted from the urine.

Indication: Mainly used for taeniasis and cysticerocosis.

Application and dosage: Oral: Taking on an empty stomach for more than 10 hours. Single dose: 5mg/kg body weight.( 20kg body weight 1 tablet)

Adverse reactions: Use of the product may cause anorexia, vomiting or diarrhea.




  1. It is not recommended for use in puppies under 4 weeks of age.
  2. Taking on an empty stomach for more than 10 hours (better before breakfast).

Withdrawal periodNot applicable.

SpecificationsEach tablet contains 0.1g praziquantel.

Package: 12 tablets * 20 blisters *20 boxes

StorageKeep away from sunlight, and sealed in a cool dry place.

Expire date: 24 mouths.

Certificate No.: (2016) Certificate for Veterinary Drugs No.:01001

GMP Certificate:(2016Veterinary drugs GMP Certificate No. 01003

Approval Number: (2016)010012904

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