Trade Name: Illica

Generic NameIvermectin Tablets

Description: This product is white tablets.

Composition: Ivermectin

Pharmacological Action:

Drugs Interactions: When used with diethylcarbamazine, may cause severe or lethal encephalopathy.

Indication: Macrolide antiparasitic drugs, used for protecting sheep and pigs fromnematodiasis and sarcoptidosis.

Application and Dosage: Oral: Single dose, every 10kg weight sheep 1 tablet; every 10kg weight pig 1.5 tabletsper dose.

Adverse Reaction: Used at the recommended dose, generally do not produce untoward reactions.


  1. This medicine is forbidden during lactation.
  2. The Collie must not use this drug.
  3. This is highly toxic to Shrimp, fish and aquatic organisms, DO NOT let the remnants of drugs and packaging pollute the water.
  4. Be cautious to usefor pigs 45 days before early pregnancy.

Withdrawal PeriodSheep, 35 days; pigs, 28 days.

SpecificationsEach tablet contains 5mg ivermectin.

StorageKeep away from sunlight, and sealed incool and dry place

Expire Date:2 years.

Production Certificate:2016Veterinary drug production certificate No.01001

Approval Number: 010016254

5 Thoughts to “Ivermectin Tablets”

  1. anto

    can this be used for human? as currently ivermectin could be effective for covid-19 cure

    1. Ashley

      We cann’t do that now.our products just for animal only.

      1. K. T. Maran

        As Malaysia has approved for the use of Ivermectin for Covid as “off label” to prevent or being with infected of Covid for 5 days , can this tablet content be used for Covid. 32 countries have started using it

  2. Beverly Sandilands

    Can the tablets be given to my 38 year old son who has Stomach Cancer?
    He has taken 3, 5mg tablets this morning and 3 at Lunch Time?
    Is this safe to help fight his Cancer?
    How Many 5 mg tablets daily do you recommend?

    1. Ashley

      Our products for Vet ONLY. We don’t have any information about people taking this medicine.

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