Generic NameIvermectin Injection

Description: This product is colorless and transparentliquid, slightly sticky

Pharmacological Action:

Pharmacodynamics: Ivermectin is effective against nematodes in vivo and arthropods on body surface. The mechanism of anthelmintic action is to promote presynaptic neurons to release gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)then open GABA-mediated chloride channels. Ivermectin has a selectivity and high affinity for the glutamate-mediated chloride channels near the GABA-mediated site of the invertebrate nerve and muscle cells, thereby interfering with signal transduction between the nerve, making the parasites paralysis, then death or excreted. The ivermectin work on the nematodes’ inhibitory interneurons and excitatory neuron, and the arthropods’ neuromuscular junctions.

The ivermectin is effective for many nematodes and arthropodsof livestock, such as Haemonchus contortus, Ostertagia, Cooperia, Trichostrongylus, Strongyle, Bunostomum, Nematodirus, nematodirus filicallis, trichuriota, Oesophagostomum, Dictyocaulus, Chabertiaovina, Myiasis, sarcoptes mites, lice etc. But it is less effectivity on the Trichodects and Melophagus ovinus. Invalid against trematoda and tapeworm.

Pharmacokinetics: The pharmacokinetics of ivermectinare significantly different due to differences in animal species, dosage forms and methods of administration. The bioavailability of  hypodermic injection is higher than that of Per os, but the absorption of per os is faster than hypodermic injection. When the ivermectin absorbed, it can be well distributed to most organizations, but not easy to enter the cerebrospinal fluid. The cattle, sheep and pigs’ apparent volumes of distribution were 0.45-2.4 L / kg, 4.6 L / kg and 4 L / kg. The ivermectin has more longer half-life in most animals. This drug is metabolized in the liver, hydroxylatedin cattle and sheep, methylated in the pig. The most lyivermectin excreted from the feces, less than 5% to prototype or metabolites excreted from the urine. In lactatingcows have up to 5% of the ivermectin discharged from the milk.

Indication: Macrolide antiparasitic drugs, effective against nematodiasis and sarcoptidosis.

Application and Dosagehypodermicinjection: Single dose, Cattle and sheep, per 1kg weight use 0.1ml. Pig, per 1kg weightuse 0.15ml.


1Only subcutaneous injection, due to intramuscular or intravenous injection can cause intoxication. Each subcutaneous injection point/site?, should not exceed 10ml.

2Ivermectin injections containing Glycerolformaland propylene glycol are only suitable for cattle, sheep and pigs.

3This is highly toxic to Shrimp, fish and aquatic organisms, DO NOT let the remnants of drugs and packaging pollute the water.

4Pregnant livestock available, lactation disabled, Colliemust not use this drug.

Withdrawal PeriodCattle and sheep, 35 days; pigs, 28 days.

SpecificationsIvermectin H2B1a + H2B1b 5ml10mg

Each 5ml contains 10mg ivermectin H2B1a + H2B1b

StorageKeep away from direct sunlight, and sealed in dry places

Expire Date: 2 years.

Production Certificate:2016Veterinary drug production certificate No.01001

GMP Certificate:(2016Veterinary drug GMP Certificate No. 01003

Approval number:2016010012645

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